Talks from the Riverside AMS meeting
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These talks are from the Western Sectional meeting of the AMS held at U.C. Riverside on Nov. 7-8. Most talks are from the Special Session on Fractal Geometry, Dynamical Systems, Number Theory and Analysis on Rough Spaces, but there are also some talks from other sessions.
Group photos from the session: Group Photo 1 Group Photo 2 Group Photo 3 Group Photo 4
Talks are listed alphabetically by presenter.
¤ indicates a talk given by a graduate student.
× indicates a talk given by an undergraduate student.

Fibonacci harps and shifts of finite type — Annalisa Crannell
× Hausdorff Dimension and Regularity Minus Infinity — Shane Gibson
× Zeta Functions of a Measure on a Cantor String — Kate Ellis
¤ On the spectral operator and its prime factors. — Hafedh Herichi
Analysis on fractals, geodesic metric and noncommutative geometry. — Michel Lapidus
Geometric theory of p-adic fractal strings: complex dimensions and tube formulas — Lu, Hung (Tim)
Powers of the Laplacian on PCF Fractals — Marius Ionescu
× Partition Zeta Functions of a Trinomial Measure — Michael Mackenzie
Tube formulas and self-similar tilings — Erin Pearse
Multifractals, Zeta Functions, and Spectra of Complex Dimensions — John Rock
Equidistribution of Galois and beta-conjugates of Parry Numbers near the unit circle — Jean-Louis Verger-Gaugry
On volume and surface area of parallel sets — Steffen Winter
To prevent spam bots acquiring email addresses, they are not printed on this page. However, some authors have included this information in their slides, and you may also find this information in the PDF abstract available from the AMS program for this session.

Here are some photos from Saturday afternoon, when we went outside and squinted into the sun. Each of these photos is linked to a large JPEG which is suitable for printing (about 4.5MB).
Group Photo 1
Group Photo 2
Group Photo 3
Group Photo 4
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