Courses Taught at OU

    Finite Mathematics
    Analytic Geometry
    Calculus I, II, III, IV
    Honors Calculus I, II, III, IV
    Linear Algebra
    Introduction to ODE
    Introduction to PDE
    Foundations of Analysis
    Numerical Analysis I
    Complex Variables
    Higher Algebra I
    Introduction to Analysis I
    Introduction to Topology
    Honors Research
    Senior Capstone
    Mathematics Senior Seminar
    Topology I, II
    Differential Topology I, II
    Algebraic Topology I, II, III
    Topology of 3-Manifolds
    Knots, Links, and 3-Manifolds I, II
    Mapping Class Groups
    Computation For Pure Mathematicians
    Surfaces, Mapping Class Groups, and Curve Complexes