Symbolic and Ordinary Powers of Ideals in Hibi Rings


We exhibit a class of Hibi rings which are diagonally $F$-regular over fields of positive characteristic, and diagonally $F$-regular type over fields of characteristic zero, in the sense of Carvajal-Rojas and Smolkin. It follows that such Hibi rings satisfy the uniform symbolic topology property effectively in all characteristics. Namely, for rings $R$ in this class of Hibi rings, we have $P^{(dn)} \subseteq P^n$ for all $P \in \operatorname{Spec}R$, where $d=\dim R$. Further, we demonstrate that all Hibi rings over fields of positive characteristic are 2-diagonally $F$-regular, and that the simplest Hibi ring not contained in the above class is not 3-diagonally $F$-regular in any characteristic. The former implies that $P^{(2d)}\subseteq P^2$ for all $P \in \operatorname{Spec} R.