Math 2423 (Honors Calculus II)

John Albert
Office: PHSC 1004
Phone: 325-3782 or 325-6711
Office hours: Mon 10:30 - 11:30 AM; Wed and Thurs, 2:30-3:30 PM (or by appointment)

This web page contains or will contain a list of class assignments made in class, the dates of upcoming quizzes and exams (subject to change), a couple of program files you can use on your calculator, and a few links to topics of interest related to this course.

Latest addition: answers to some of the problems on assignment 11 can be found here. Your computer must be able to read .pdf files (Adobe Acrobat) in order to see them. If you cannot read the solutions here, you can find them on Electronic Reserve at Bizzell (see following paragraph).

Solutions to quizzes and exams will be put on reserve at Bizzell Library, both on paper at the reserve desk, and online in the Electronic Reserves. To access Electronic Reserves, first go to the OU Libraries' Web page at, look for the menu on the left labeled "Services", and click on "Reserves". On the page where this takes you click on the link to "Electronic Reserves" (just below "Electronic Reserves Hours"). You should now see a box asking you for your OUNetID and password. When you supply these and click "submit", you'll be taken to a box titled "Search the Reserves", where you choose the current semester (Spring 2002) and the department of this course (MATH). You will then see a box titled "Math Courses for Spring 2002". Choose "Math 2423" from the list within this box.





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