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In elementary school, Brandon wrote an updated version of Martin Luther King's "I have a dream" speech for a class assignment. The content has been changed completely, but I think some of the original speech cadences still remain.

A Math Lesson.

In first grade, Christopher kept a stream-of-consciousness notebook during a trip to Mt. Nebo, Arkansas.

Flower Girl


This poem, whose four-year-old author wishes to remain anonymous, was recited to me one evening exactly as written here, in hushed and mysterious tones, as befits the subject matter. Notes: the "very night butterfly" is a rare species of gigantic nocturnal butterfly - the largest butterfly known to man. The locutions "dawn dawling" and "it it night" are rhythmic alliterations, not misprints. The reader is invited to interpret "rope mechanic" as he or she pleases.

Batman and Robin.

A strange letter.

Fat cowboy horror story, by Brandon.

Jennifer found some rather odd entries on my Rate My Professors page. Here are screenshots: Entry 1, Entry 2, Entry 3, Entry 4, Entry 5, Entry 6.