Women in Groups, Geometry, and Dynamics


Arrival: July 16

Departure: July 22

Optional bonus days: July 22-23

(For participants wanting to stay longer to work on their research projects. Lodging not provided.)


Ashton, ID

Near Yellowstone National Park


WiGGD is a research retreat for women in groups, geometry, and dynamics. Participants will gather in small groups to work on specific projects. See below for the list of our proposed projects. We are currently soliciting applications from women to join these projects. Preference will be given to grad students close to finishing their Ph.D, postdocs, and faculty at teaching colleges.


  1. Representation of knot groups and associated invariants
  2. Geometry of right-angled Coxeter groups
  3. Projection complexes and coarse cubulation
  4. Finiteness properties of groups
  5. Stretch factors in Out(F_r) and finite state automata

Project details here.


Naomi Andrew

Macarena Arenas

Sahana Balasubramanya

Marissa Chesser

Michelle Chu

Gil Goffer

Julia Heller

Paige Hillen

Kasia Jankiewicz

Alice Kerr

Heejoung Kim

Jone Lopez de Gamiz Zearra

Rylee Lyman

Johanna Mangahas

Casandra Monroe

Anna Parlak

Rebekah Palmer

Kate Petersen

Catherine Pfaff

Anne Thomas

Em Thompson

Marie Trin

Hanh Vo

Genevieve Walsh