University of Oklahoma   Mathematics Department

Geometry and Topology Seminar

The Geometry and Topology Seminar normally meets on Wednesday afternoons in PHSC 809. When the speaker is from OU, the talk normally begins at 3:45pm. When the speaker is from outside OU, the talk normally begins at 4:00pm, with tea at 3:30pm in PHSC 424. For more information about the seminar, contact Joel Louwsma.

Earlier semesters (Fall 2005 - Spring 2012)

Spring 2014 Talks
1/17 (Friday!) Dan Knopf (Texas) Type-II singularities of Ricci flow
1/22 (4:00pm) John Harvey (Notre Dame) Orbifolds and Alexandrov geometry
1/29 (3:45pm) Will Wylie (Syracuse) Sectional curvature for Riemannian manifolds with density
2/5 (4:30pm) Trent Schirmer (Oklahoma State) Heegaard splittings, free tangle decompositions, and the fundamental group of knots
2/12 (4:00pm) Mark Feighn (Rutgers-Newark) Folding paths in Outer space
2/19 (3:45pm) Max Forester Trees and stable commutator length
2/25 (Tuesday!) Vera Tonic (Ben Gurion) Introduction to asymptotic dimension theory for discrete groups
2/26 (4:00pm) Mark Hagen (Michigan) Cubulating some free-by-Z groups
3/5 no seminar
3/12 no seminar some people are traveling to STDC
3/19 Spring Break
3/26 (3:45pm) Michael Jablonski A step towards the Alekseevskii Conjecture
4/2 (4:00pm) Danielle O'Donnol (Oklahoma State) Legendrian Graphs
4/9 (4:00pm) Sean Bowman (Oklahoma State) Knots in the page of an open book
4/11-13 Spring Redbud Topology Conference
4/16 no seminar
4/23 (3:45pm) Scott Thuong All Four-Dimensional Infra-Solvmanifolds are Boundaries
4/30 (3:45pm) Ignat Soroko A new linearity criterion of Bou-Rabee and McReynolds

Fall 2013 Talks
8/21 (3:45pm) organizational meeting
8/28 (3:45pm) Jeffrey Meyer A Geometric Introduction to Arithmetic Groups
9/4 (3:45pm) Jeffrey Meyer An Introduction to Spectral Geometry of Arithmetic Locally Symmetric Spaces
9/11 (3:45pm) Shihshu Walter Wei New Comparison Theorems and Cohomology Groups
9/18 (3:45pm) Matthew Lynam Extensional Maps
9/25 (4:00pm) Danny Calegari (Chicago) Some combinatorial constructions in random groups
10/2 (3:45pm) Ravi Shankar Rigidity of spherical rank for a lower curvature bound
10/9 (3:45pm) Michael Jablonski An equivalence of conjectures
10/16 (3:45pm) Michael Jablonski An equivalence of conjectures, II
10/23 (3:45pm) Chenxu He Linear stability of gradient shrinking Ricci solitons
10/30 (3:45pm) Joel Louwsma Stable commutator length in Baumslag-Solitar groups
11/6 (3:45pm) Noel Brady Homotopical and homological Dehn functions are different
11/13 (3:45pm) Chenxu He Linear stability of gradient shrinking Ricci solitons, II
11/20 (3:45pm) Leonard Rubin The Topology of Direct Limits of Direct Systems Induced by Maps
11/27 Thanksgiving Holiday
12/4 (4:00pm) Sam Taylor (Texas) Subfactor projections and fully irreducible automorphisms of free groups

Spring 2013 Talks
1/23 (3:45pm) Murad Özaydin Topological Robotics - Restricted Configuration Spaces
1/30 (3:45pm) Murad Özaydin Topological Robotics - Restricted Configuration Spaces, II
2/6 (3:45pm) Shihshu Walter Wei A generalized Bochner's method and its applications in real and complex geometry and topology
2/13 (3:45pm) Shihshu Walter Wei A generalized Bochner's method and its applications in real and complex geometry and topology, II
2/20 (4:00pm) Patrick Reynolds (Utah) "Curve complexes" for free groups
2/27 (4:00pm) Martin Kerin (Muenster) Rationally elliptic manifolds and torus actions
3/6 (3:45pm) Chenxu He Riemannian manifolds with positive or non-negative sectional curvature
3/13 (4:00pm) Ric Wade (Utah) Centralizers of Dehn twists on free groups
3/20 Spring Break
3/27 (4:00pm) Longzhi Lin (Rutgers) Dynamic stability of the surface area preserving mean curvature flow in Euclidean space
4/3 (3:45pm) Sean Paul (Wisconsin) A Numerical Criterion for lower bounds on K-energy maps
4/10 (4:00pm) Will Cavendish (Oxford) Topological methods for engulfing subgroups
4/17 (3:45pm) Jing Tao The shape of moduli space
4/24 (4:00pm) Mladen Bestvina (Utah) Stable commutator length in mapping class groups
5/1 (3:45pm) Yoe Herrera Intersection Numbers in a Surface
5/8 (4:00pm) Peter Petersen (UCLA) The Isoperimetric Inequality

Fall 2012 Talks
8/29 (3:45pm) organizational meeting
9/5 (4:00pm) Siraj Uddin (University of Malaya) Contact CR-warped product submanifolds of nearly trans-Sasakian manifolds
9/12 (4:00pm) Lee Kennard (UC Santa Barbara) Two conjectures of Hopf in the presence of symmetry
9/19 (3:45pm) Chenxu He Existence and uniqueness of Einstein metrics on warped products
9/26 (3:45pm) Jing Tao Thurston metric on Teichmuller space
10/3 no seminar due to Karcher Lecture Series
10/10 (4:00pm) Johanna Mangahas (Brown) Some Schottky subgroups of mapping class groups
10/17 (3:45pm) Jean Sun Growth, Projections and Bounded Generation of Mapping Class Groups
10/24 (3:45pm) Michael Jablonski How to build an isometry group
10/31 (3:45pm) William Carter Nice Examples of Non-Unique Product Groups
11/3 (Sat.) Fall Redbud Topology Conference
11/7 (3:45pm) Leonard Rubin Simplified Proofs of the Z/p- and Q-resolution Theorems
11/14 (4:00pm) Wu-Yi Hsiang (UC Berkeley) On Equivariant Riemannian Geometry and Ricci-flows
11/21 Thanksgiving Holiday
11/28 (4:00pm) Spencer Dowdall (UIUC) Kleinian convex cocompact subgroups of mapping class groups
12/5 (3:45pm) Rachel Wright Right-angled Artin groups as totally reflected systems
12/7 (4:00pm) Huai-Dong Cao (Lehigh) Stability of shrinking Ricci solitons