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Keri Kornelson, Ph. D.

David and Judi Proctor Department of Mathematics
University of Oklahoma


I am a Professor in the Department of Mathematics at the University of Oklahoma. I've been at OU since 2008. My research is in harmonic analysis, working on redundant systems called frames on finite- and infinite-dimensional Hilbert spaces. I work on problems involving sampling theory, wavelets, compressed sensing, and fractals generated by iterated function systems. Click here for my publications and recent activities.

  • My email: kkornelson AT ou DOT edu
  • Office: PHSC 926
  • Spring 2024 Office Hours:
    • Tue 11:45-12:45
    • Fri 3:30-5:30 pm (Problem Jam) Room TBD
    • or by appointment


Latest News
August, 2022

The OU Elevate team (Lori Snyder PI) received an NSF ADVANCE IT award with the goal of changing the institution by way of the annual faculty evaluation process. For more info, see the OU Elevate website.

November, 2022

I am leading the OU team that received a grant from the Howard Hughes Medical Institute targeted toward inclusive excellence. We are funded together with a cluster of 16 institutions with the common goal of fostering meaningful evaluation of effective and inclusive teaching.

August, 2020
OU VPRP Seed Grant

My proposal "Exploring the intersection of DEI values and faculty research evaluation processes at OU", co-PI Megan Elwood Madden, was funded from the OU VPRP's Inequalities in the Academic Research and Creative Activity Enterprise Rapid Response Seed Grant Opportunity.

October, 2021
The Mathematics of Data

The OU Mathematics Capstone course MATH 4513 in Spring 2022 will be a Presidential Dream Course called The Mathematics of Data. The course will be taught by Keri Kornelson, Miro Kramar, and Alejandro Chavez-Dominguez. Here are the speakers:

  • March 22-24 Akram Aldroubi, Vanderbilt
  • April 5-7 Konstantin Mischaikow, Rutgers
  • April 20-22 Cristopher Moore, Santa Fe Institute

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