automorphic representations

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Course Notes
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See also: A brief overview of modular and automorphic forms
Note: The individual chapters are no longer available for download so that I only need to edit the master file when I make updates.
Chapter 1 Background Material Edited: 8/31/2011
Chapter 2 Smooth Representations Edited: 9/11/2011
Intermission Intermission Edited: 11/1/2011
Chapter 3 A summary of local representation theory for GL(2) Edited: 11/10/2011
Download all notes (still incomplete) Edited: 8/15/2013


Fiona Murnaghan's course notes [webpage]
Prasad and Raghuram's course notes [Prasad's webpage] [Raghuram's webpage]
Florian Herzig's notes [webpage]
Godement's notes on Bill Casselman's website
Gelbart's "An elementary introduction to the Langlands program" [See also Frenkel's commentary]

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