Graph Theory and Social Networks - Spring 2014

MATH 4673/5673
(officially: Graph Theory I)

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Kimball Martin
924 Physical Sciences Center
(405) 325-3537

MW 9:30am-10:20am, PHSC 116

Computer Lab
F 9:30am-10:20am, PHSC 230/231

Office Hours
W 2-3:30pm
or by appointment

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    Remarks: These notes are rather unpolished, and somewhat hurried at the end. In addition, not everything we did in the computer labs is in the notes. I hope to some day expand and revise these notes, when I teach this material again, possibly as a full-year course. In the meantime, please contact me to report any errors. Or download all chapters in a single pdf (updated 4/30)

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