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The B List: Reviews of interesting papers

MR0028851 Rankin on Mac Fhraing. Any paper in Gaelic is alright in my book. Note, the reviewer (R.A. Rankin) = the author (Rob Alasdair Mac Fhraing).

MR1739144 I'm sad that there's no review of this item.

MR1619764 Another example where the reviewer is an author.

MR0552263 The author, Dwork, apparently wrote under the pseudonym of Maurizio Boyarsky so he wouldn't have to refer to Dwork cohomology in one of his own papers. Then he later wrote this paper (under his own name) which he names after his pseudonym!

MR0538682 The famous Cox-Zucker paper.

...and beyond

The Life of Mathematical Reviews, 1997 Notices article, see the "MR Folklore: Unflattering Reviews" segment

Wikipedia on Marcu

Plagiarism again: Sreenivas and Srinivas, with an update on Marcu

2006 Contest Results

On June 24, 2006: I posted the following challenge:

I will award small prizes (maybe in Spring 2007 when I think of something good) for each of the following three/six categories:

1. Finding the paper on MathSciNet with the most references.
Best so far: Book ?; Paper 232 (Yau, Review of Geometry and Analysis)
2. Finding the paper on MathSciNet with the most reference citations
Best so far: Book 1731 (Gilbarg & Trudinger); Paper 430 (Gromov, Hyperbolic Groups)
3. Finding the review on MathSciNet with the most review citations
Best so far: Book 74 (Connes); Paper 87 (Wiles, Modular elliptic curves...)

I never really officially the contest, though due to lack of contributions it seems to be effectively ended, with the results being listed above (the papers/books/reviews being likely close to correct, and the number references dating from sometime near the end of 2006). In any case, this contest seems to have been made mostly obsolete by some of the newer MathSciNet tools. I also never made good on my claims of awarding prizes, as 1) no good prizes came to mind so far, and 2) no one seems to care. Sorry. You can give me a D on Angie's List.

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