Exceptional MathReviews - the first year

In the first year of its inception, the Exceptional MathReviews page brought countless laughs and tears to the mathematical community. Now, with the magic of your personal internet connection and small subscription to MathSciNet, you can relive such classic moments as

"a rathole down which valuable mathematical effort is being poured",

"All of the authors' statements are either tautological or false."


"He also adds an acknowledgement to the referee but fails to add an acknowledgement to Whittle for writing the original paper."

Interested? Then read on...

Reviews posted in 2006

MR1784555 Bremner on Baica   Rating:

MR1418826 Granville on Baica (see also the two linked reviews)   Rating:

MR1628615 Woess on Velasquez   Rating:

MR0179655 Dieudonne on Hausner   Rating:

MR0429922 Dieudonne on Hsu   Rating:

MR1884094 Wolpert on Dembski (particularly the 5th paragraph)   Rating:

MR1366621 Valette on Bost and Connes (first, second and final paragraphs)   Rating:

MR1472060 Tadic on Flicker   Rating:

MR1884582 Bogatyrev on Isik and Konyalioglu   Rating:

MR0063825 Synge on Kluitenberg et al.   Rating:

MR1688745 Hoffman on Shokranian Rating:

MR0039515 Truesdell on Garcia Rating:

MR1786212 Bremner on Dabrowski and Wieczorek Rating:

MR1639617 Bach on Yan Rating:

MR0513226 Lascar on Shelah (paragraphs 9, 10, and the final remark) Rating:

MR1894907 Oeckl on Bogdanov and Bogdanov Rating:

MR1427830 Anonymous on Marcu (see also the review citations) Rating:

MR0023248 Godement sur Courtois (I might rate it higher if my French were better) Rating:

MR1161949 Bremner on Peretti Rating:

MR2082580 de la Harpe on Choudhary Rating:

MR1683174 Deakin on Radelet-de Grave (I don't know why I find this funny) Rating:

MR0508253 Bartle on Jones. The title is perhaps the best part. What is unclear to me is how this even got a MathReview. Rating:

MR0173373 Galler on Cutler Rating:

MR1722145 Thomas on Bartocci, Bruzzo and Sanguinetti Rating:

MR1280060 Hatada on Hashim and Murty Rating:

MR1011626 Linderholm on McDaniel and Yates Rating:

MR0746748 Dupre on Jean (more on Jean) Rating:

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