Exceptional MathReviews - the second season

In the first year of its inception, the Exceptional MathReviews page brought countless laughs and tears to the mathematical community. Just when you wondered if MathSciNet was all downhill from there, the second season of Exceptional MathReviews, brought us such gems as

"'quick' only in the sense that a careful derivation is replaced by a few short and rather cryptic statements"

"one would need an entire volume to list and correct the totality of errors contained in this book"


"At various key points (pp. 609, 610, 612, 613) the reader is invited to finish writing the author's paper for him."

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Posted in 2007

MR0780462 Kharlamov on Beretta Rating:

MR0114898 Ahlfors on Bers Rating:

MR0268889 Fox on Scott Rating:

MR0605658 Dyckhoff on Malgoire and Voisin Rating:

MR1391216 Totaro on Reed Rating:

MR1656069 Stallmann on McKean Rating:

MR0905060 Fowler on Maslov Rating:

MR1966019, MR1965511, MR1857860 Hurst on Maslov Rating:

MR1937238 Dymacek on Charlambides Rating:

MR0679136 Rashed on Seisano Rating:

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