Exceptional MathReviews - 2010

2010 was not the best of years for Exceptional MathReviews, particularly for one-liners. As Gow said of Karpilovsky, so too might Comic Book Guy say about this issue of Exceptional MathReviews:

"We extend our unfavourable opinion to this volume also."

Without further ado, the list from 2010:

MR2378206 and MR2351218 Naber on Ivancevic and Ivancevic Rating:

MR2143425 Lewis on Pearce and Ivancevic Rating:

MR2377130 Nguyen-Quang-Do on Gonzalez-Aviles Rating:

MR2529089 Greither on Bosca Rating:

MR1707296 Wilson on Greiss Rating:

MR2469053 Zlatos on Gutman and Kutateladze Rating:

MR2362745 Sachs on Barker and Howe Rating:

MR1183469 Alperin on Karpilovsky Rating:

MR1215935, MR1280715, MR1416328, and MR1435502 Gow on Karpilovsky Rating:

MR1127229 White on Rota Rating:

MR1090465 Bunge on Rota Rating:

The Current List