Venue: All talks will take place in PHSC 108. Tea will be served in PHSC 424.

 Friday October 13

OU Math Department events
3:00   Tea
3:30   Colloquium: Ellen Eischen, Creating Clarity from Confusion: Three Lessons from Number Theory

TORA events
4:45   Registration
5:30   Graduate student prep session - Led by Jonathan Cohen and Debanjana Kundu

 Saturday October 14

9:00   John Bergdall, p-adic slope distributions for modular forms
9:30   Raghuram, Why do cusp forms exist?
10:30   Tea
11:00   Debanjana Kundu, λ-invariant stability in Families of Modular Galois Representations
11:30   Speed TORA I

12:00   Lunch

2:00   Rahul Dalal, Computing Statistics of Automorphic Representations
3:00   Pan Yan, Product of Rankin-Selberg convolutions and a new proof of Jacquet's local converse conjecture
3:30   Tea
4:00   Speed TORA II

5:00   Graduate student Q&A session
6:00   Banquet, Oklahoma Memoral Union, Associates Room (on campus)

 Sunday October 15

9:00   Jonathan Cohen, Invariant vectors in depth-zero supercuspidal representations of GSp(4)
9:30   Ellen Eischen, Algebraic and p-adic aspects of L-functions, with a view toward Spin L-functions for GSp_6
10:30   Tea
11:00   Yangbo Ye, Bounds toward Hypothesis S for cusp forms
11:30   Mike Hanson, Ramanujan congruences for overpartitions with restricted odd differences

12:00   Farewell/Lunch