1. I am interested in geometric group theory and low dimensional topology. Specific topics include hyperbolic groups (and their subgroups), Artin groups, CAT(0) groups, Morse theory, (high dimensional) filling invariants of groups, finiteness properties of groups, automatic and biautomatic groups, cubical complexes...

  2. Here is a list of my papers and preprints.

  3. Graduate Students.
    • I have one graduate student who is currently thinking about topics in geometric group theory; Ignat Soroko.

    • In Spring 2008 my first student, Eduardo Martinez-Pedroza, completed his PhD thesis on combination theorems for quasi-convex subgroups of relatively hyperbolic groups. He is now a member of the mathematics department at Memorial University of Newfoundland.

    • In Fall 2008 Antara Mukherjee completed her PhD thesis on second order Dehn functions of Nil and Sol lattices and Varopolous transport. She is one of the mathematics faculty at the Citadel in Charlestown, South Carolina.

    • In Summer 2009 TaraLee Mecham completed her PhD thesis on largeness of graphs of abelian groups. After graduation TaraLee joined the mathematics department at the College of Mount St Joseph in Cincinnati, Ohio. She was a Project NExT fellow.

    • In Summer 2012 Sang Rae Lee completed his thesis on cube complex structures associated to Houghton's groups. He is currently a postdoctoral associate at Texas A&M University.

  4. Consider applying for a post-doctoral appointment at the University of Oklahoma. Here are our current and past geometric group theory post-doctoral associates.

  5. Current schedules of the OU Geometry and Topology Seminar and the Student Topology and Geometry Seminar.

  6. If you are interested in learning about geometric group theory, here are some good online resources.

  7. By now there is an extensive list of survey articles and books on geometric group theory and related topics. Here is a (necessarily incomplete) selection. This is under construction.