Philip Bretz

Department of Mathematics

University of Oklahoma

About Me

My name is Philip Bretz and I am pursuing my PhD in Mathematics at the University of Oklahoma. As a graduate teaching assistant, I teach undergraduate courses for the department and work at the University's Math Help Center. I am researching applied mathematics, specifically, quantitative analysis.

I am originally from Hawaii and I always enjoy visiting home. I first came to the University of Oklahoma in 2013 as an undergraduate and graduated with a BS in Mathematics in 2017. I am happily married to my lovely wife, and she recently gave birth to a perfect baby girl. See my Curriculum Vitae or Resume for more information.

I am an ambitious, self-taught student. I taught myself multiple coding languages, the theory of financial derivatives, and much of statistics and probability. My work experience and higher education in mathematics provided a basis of knowledge which I continue to build on through hard work.

Contact Information

You can contact me via e-mail at My office is in the Physical Sciences Center, Room 1018.