MATH 1823, SEC 200 - FALL 1998

Instructor:Paul Goodey Office hours:Monday
PHSC 814 Wednesday
325-2758 Friday
Assistants:Trisha Bergthold Office hours:Tuesday
PHSC 929 Thursday
Gabriel MatneyOffice hours: Monday
PHSC 925 Wednesday

Prolegomenon: The following notes describe the administrative structure of the course and are provided to help you plan your studies. We hope that this will prove to be an exciting and rewarding class for all participants. Our objective is to provide you with a good understanding of differential calculus. We will do our best to help you at every opportunity. If you have difficulties with any part of the course, do not wait until you are completely lost before seeking help. Most problems can be sorted out quickly if they are dealt with at an early stage.

Prerequisites: Math 1523 (Elementary functions) or an equivalent course and a satisfactory placement test score. In particular, you must currently have a good understanding of graphing equations in the plane, equations for lines, the exponential, logarithmic and trigonometric functions.

Materials: The text is CALCULUS by J. Stewart. We will cover the following topics:

Review and preview.

Chapter 1 Limits and rates of change.

Chapter 2 Derivatives.

Chapter 3 The mean value theorem and curve sketching.

You are expected to prepare for each class by reading the appropriate section before it is covered in class.

You are required to have a graphing calculator. We recommend that you purchase the Texas Instruments TI-85, this is the one we will use in class. Other calculators may be used, but you must make sure you are adept in their use. We will use the calculator as an aid to understanding important concepts, not as an alternative to understanding.

Attendance: You are required to attend all classes. Absences in excess of three will be penalized, no matter what the reason.

Withdrawal: You may withdraw with a W, regardless of your standing in class, on or before Friday September 25. After September 25, you may withdraw with a W only if you maintain a passing grade.

Grading: You will be assessed on the basis of your performance in the final exam, 3 tests and a, yet to be determined, number of homework assignments. By far the most significant part of this assessment will be determined by the tests and final:

Homework 5%

3 tests 57%

Final 38%

Nevertheless, you should take the homework very seriously since it will provide significant help in your preparation for the tests. Your course grade will be determined by the following scale:

A70-100%D 30-39%
B55-69%F 0-29%

Homework: Homework will be assigned each Friday and should be turned in at the beginning of the next Friday class. This provides your first opportunity to assess the depth of your understanding of the concepts. You should expect at least 2 hours of homework for each class period. The work you turn in should be clear and legible with well reasoned explanations. Failure to meet these standards will result in low grades. Late homework will not be accepted under any circumstances.

Exams: The dates for the exams are:

Test 1 - Monday, September 21: Test 2 - Monday, October 19:

Test 3 - Monday, November 23: Final - Monday, December 7, 10:30 - 12:30.

Note that the third test is on the Monday of Thanksgiving week. You must bring a picture ID to each exam. Make up exams will be given only in very rare, and well documented, circumstances. They will usually be more difficult than the regular tests. The use of calculators will be permitted on some but not all tests, this will be announced in good time for each test.

Internet: We will make occasional use of the internet throughout the course. For example, a copy of this document is available on the internet. You are required to regularly peruse the appropriate World Wide Web pages throughout the semester. The starting point for such browsing is Or, you may go to the faculty link in the Mathematics Department home page

Miscellany: If you have a disability, or if there are special circumstances that may prevent you from fully demonstrating your understanding of this course material, please let me know as soon as possible so that we may ensure your full participation.