MATH 2443, SEC 001 - FALL 1998

Instructor:Paul Goodey Office hours:Monday
PHSC 814 Wednesday
325-2758 Friday

Materials: The text is CALCULUS by J. Stewart. We will cover the following topics:

Chapter 12 Partial derivatives

Chapter 13 Multiple integrals

Chapter 14 Vector calculus

Grading: You will be assessed on the basis of your performance in the final exam, 3 tests and a, yet to be determined, number of homework assignments. By far the most significant part of this assessment will be determined by the tests and final:

Homework 5%

3 tests 57%

Final 38%

Nevertheless, you should take the homework very seriously since it will provide significant help in your preparation for the tests. Your course grade will be determined by the following scale:


Homework: Homework will be assigned each Friday and should be turned in at the beginning of the next Wednesday class. Late homework will not be accepted under any circumstances.

Withdrawal: You may withdraw with a W, regardless of your standing in class, on or before Friday September 25. After September 25, you may withdraw with a W only if you maintain a passing grade.

Internet: We will make occasional use of the internet throughout the course. For example, a copy of this document is available on the internet. You are required to regularly peruse the appropriate World Wide Web pages throughout the semester. The starting point for such browsing is http://www.math.ou.edu/~pgoodey/classes/honscalc4.html. Or, you may go to the faculty link in the Mathematics Department home page http://www.math.ou.edu.

Miscellany: If you have a disability, or if there are special circumstances that may prevent you from fully demonstrating your understanding of this course material, please let me know as soon as possible so that we may ensure your full participation.