Project Ideas
(Graph Theory and Social Networks)



For your project, you will choose a topic and clear it with me. The project is due at the end of the semester (and students enrolled in the graduate section will also do brief presentations), however you must also turn in a project outline/draft later in April. This outline/draft should clearly state the details of what you plan to do for your final project so I can let you know whether it is acceptable or not and make suggestions. Roughly, you are expected to learn and explain some topic related to but not contained in the rest of the course, and there should be come coding aspect to your project (computing examples, coding algorithms, etc) in Python/Sage. The project must be typed. There are no fixed page requirements, but I roughly expect 6-8 pages for undergrad projects and 8-12 pages for grad projects, not counting attached code and computer input/output. More details will be given later. For now, let me just start listing some possible project ideas. More ideas will be listed as we progres in the course, and you do not need to restrict yourself to this list.

Project report suggestions

Here are some suggestions to keep in mind for your project report. Let me emphasize that these are not rules, but guidelines to help you figure out how to structure your report.

Presentation tips

Here are some friendly suggestions to help make a good presentations, which should also help make you more comfortable when you present. And don't worry---I'm not grading you on style, but on content: did you prepare? did you learn something? do you have any idea what you're talking about? If so, you should get full credit.

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