Exceptional MathReviews - 2009

2009 returned to us the childlike wonder upon reading our first exceptional MathReviews, with such pearls as:

"In keeping with his past practice, Marcu does not cite the work he has plagiarized."


"This paper seems to the reviewer to contain no mathematics."

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Added in 2009

(With apologies to everyone who submitted these ages ago, for sitting on my hands for the past year--if I accidentally missed your contributions, just tell me again)

MR1368654 Weinberger on Cappell and himself (If you recall, there are other cases where an author was a reviewer---see the Related Material page) Rating:

MR1807606 Hansen on Livingston Rating:

MR1428296 Joel on El Naschie Rating:

MR2223426, MR2223427 and MR2223428 Rickles on Gregori. Gregori doesn't seem to have written anymore papers unfortunately. Rating:

MR0785999 Ruckle on Hartl and Mehlmann Rating:

MR2031651, MR2060125, MR2097141, MR2201402, MR2300813, MR2452281, MR2454437, and MR2456287 Grossman on Marcu (who is also featured in The Classics above, and Related Material below; search MathSciNet for more on Marcu) Rating:

MR1459261 Swiatek on Lyubich Rating:

MR2239871 Grossman on Faticoni Rating:

MR1172357 Berman on Chartrand, et al. Rating:

MR0360322 Geller on Deo Rating:

MR0271400 Wu on Higuchi and Kanemaru Rating:

MR0177943 Knapowski on Chowla Rating:

MR1452155 Wu on Kawada Rating:

MR0188284 Epstein on Stallings Rating:

MR0143188 Epstein on Tao Rating:

MR1399602 Birman on Bachmuth Rating:

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