Stability in Topology, Arithmetic, and Representation Theory 2023

General Information

The focus of the conference is on homological stability, representation stability, and related ideas. Our goal is to bring together early-career researchers working in these areas as well as to bring new people into this exciting field.

This conference will be hybrid. Please register to participate in-person or online. The organizers highly encourage participants to come in-person if possible as networking and collaboration is generally easier in-person.

Time and Place

Monday July 17 - Friday July 21, 2023 at Purdue University. (We end on Friday around noon.)
How to get to Purdue:


Please complete the registration form if you would like to attend the workshop. Please complete the form by May 10, 2023 if you would like to be considered for funding or to apply to give a 15-minute contributed talk.

Mini courses speakers (3 lectures)

Luciana Basualdo Bonatto (Max Planck Institute Bonn)
      on Scanning – from Configuration Spaces to Cobordism Categories
Sander Kupers (University of Toronto)
      on Homological stability in high-dimensional differential topology
Andrew Putman (Notre Dame University)
      on Representation stability and homological stability

Invited speakers

Oishee Banerjee (Institute of Advanced Studies)
Andrea Bianchi* (Copenhagen University)
Christin Bibby (Louisiana State University)
Nir Gadish (University of Michigan)
Anh Trong Nam Hoang* (University of Minnesota)
Sophie Kriz* (University of Michigan)
Daniel Minahan (Georgia Tech)
Csaba Nagy (University of Glasgow)
Ismael Sierra (University of Cambridge)
Robin Sroka (McMaster University)
Philip Tosteson (University of Chicago)
Nicholas Wawrykow (University of Michigan)
Adela Zhang (Massachussetts Institute of Technology)
* talk given remotely


Jeremy Miller (Purdue University), Peter Patzt (University of Oklahoma), and Jennifer Wilson (University of Michigan)


NSF DMS-1906123, NSF CAREER DMS-2142709, NSF DMS-2202943, Purdue University, University of Michigan