Contact information
    Pengfei Zhang
  • Department of Mathematics
    University of Oklahoma
    Norman, OK 73069
  • E-mail: pengfei.zhang (at

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  • Analysis Seminar link
  • Dynamics Seminar link

Research Interests
  • Rigidity properties for dynamical systems with singularities.
  • Ergodic and statistical properties of chaotic billiards and general hyperbolic systems with singularities.
  • Smooth ergodic theory and its applications in partially hyperbolic dynamics.
  • Entropy theory and its relations with fractal dimensions.
  • Generic properties of dynamical systems, Cr closing and connecting problems.

Papers and Preprints
    Click here for a list of papers.

Online Sources
    Website about Dynamical Systems with many animations, in particular the Sinai billiard here (with possible external forces) and the Bunimovich Stadium billiard here.