Welcome to the Math Department!

The Department of Mathematics at OU is located in the Physical Sciences Center (PHSC) at 601 Elm Avenue in Norman. PHSC is located in the northwest area of the University of Oklahoma Norman campus. Our main offices are located on the fourth floor (PHSC 423).

Currently our department consists of 124 active members, of which 35 are regular faculty, 8 are postdocs and visitors, 12 are renewable-term faculty, 16 are adjunct faculty, 48 are graduate students, and 5 are support staff.


Mailing Address

Department of Mathematics
University of Oklahoma
Physical Sciences Center (PHSC)
601 Elm Avenue, Room 423
Norman, OK 73019-3103

Reception Desk

Picture of Lorraine Inkster
Lorraine Inkster
PHSC 423
(405) 325-6711

Chair's Office

Picture of Noel Brady
Noel Brady
PHSC 423
Picture of Mike Donlon
Mike Donlon
Assistant to the Chair
PHSC 423
(405) 325-2707

Graduate Studies

Picture of Michael Jablonski
Michael Jablonski
Graduate Director
PHSC 423
Picture of Cristin Sloan
Cristin Sloan
Assistant to the Grad. Dir.
PHSC 423
(405) 325-2719

Undergraduate Studies

Picture of Catherine Hall
Catherine Hall
Undergraduate Advisor
PHSC 425
(405) 325-2727

First-Year Math Program

Picture of Deborah Moore-Russo
Deborah Moore⁠-⁠Russo
First Year Math Director
Picture of Michael Hillerby
Michael Hillerby
Assistant to FYM Director
(405) 325-3427


The Blender

Our building, officially named the Physical Sciences Center, is commonly referred to as "the blender". See here for a nice blog post about it.

PHSC on Daytime

PHSC at Night