Undergraduate Program

Undergraduate Graduation 2019

Mathematics is a versatile and challenging field of study. A degree in mathematics is excellent preparation for careers in mathematics, science, engineering, software, business, and education.

The David and Judi Proctor Department of Mathematics at OU offers two Bachelor's degrees, a 5-year accelerated BS/MS degree in Biostatistics, a 5-year accelerated BA/MBA degree, a 5-year accelerated BA/MS in Finance degree, and a Minor in Mathematics:

Students also often go on to MD or PhD programs.

Why become a Math major

As a math major, you have developed a skill set beyond your mathematical training that includes logic, critical thinking, and quantitative analysis of models or data. But even more, you have built up the superpower of learning how to learn hard things. This makes you competitive in an extensive range of professions.

Whether you go on from here to work in mathematics, science, engineering, software, actuarial science, business, finance, law, or medicine, you will face challenges. There will be concepts and ideas that are new to you, and these might be confusing at first. But, armed with your mathematics degree, you know how to dive in by learning definitions, reading with an eye to details, asking questions, drawing pictures or constructing examples. You understand how to start with the basics and then build up to advanced concepts. You have confidence that you can build up your mastery.

If you'd like to learn more, check out the webpage "What do Mathematicians Do?" by the American Mathematical Society.


Students who need assistance navigating into their mathematics courses or who are experiencing difficulties with their major should contact the advisors listed at