Research Opportunities

Available to freshman - seniors, including non-majors, there are numerous opportunities for access to research in the Math Department. Below is a list of various programs for students to look over.

Although some programs might not be available to you at this time, we recommend that you look through the entire list to get a sense of what is available so that you can take advantage when the time is right and not miss an opportunity.


The FYRE program (First/Four Year Research Experiences) is a program available to advanced freshman to provide access to a research lab in a STEM field. In mathematics, there are several faculty who have been involved with this program. Typically we have 3-4 professors running projects in the FYRE program in any given year with minimal background required, e.g. Calculus is often enough for participating. More details and the application can be found here.

Directed Reading Program

This program pairs advanced math majors with graduate students to study a topic of mutual interest. Typically, each group will pick a text and read through several chapters, working through details and exercises. For more information, see here.


For several decades, the National Science Foundation has supported and funded programs called REUs, i.e. Research Experiences for Undergraduates. Often, these programs run in the summer, across the United States, and are aimed at students who have finished their junior or senior year. A list of REU programs in mathematics can be found on this NSF website.

Research with faculty

In addition to the programs above, students often work directly with faculty on projects inside their research program. There are several ways that students can work with faculty, including

Students can apply for internal research support for stipend and materials support from OU. Further, some faculty have grant funds to support undergraduate research during the summer.