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Although every OU student has the opportunity to study abroad, while in College, for math students there are a couple of unique programs that are worth consideration.

Both of these programs are well-established and have been running for over 15 years. For more study abroad opportunities in math, see this page hosted by the MAA.


As you might know, math majors are one of the most sought after groups of students for internship programs. This is due largely to the fact that our courses do not simply train students in using a particular set of tools, but rather they help to develop robust critical thinking and problem solving skills.

The OU Math Club regularly hosts local/national companies who are actively recruiting and seeking out math majors.

We encourage all students interested in internships to visit with career services on campus. This group can help you improve your resume/CV and introduce you to services like "handshake".

Of note, students can sign up for credit for participating in an internship via CAS 4630.


Students who are curious about research mathematics, or who might want to present research they have done, should consider attending a regional/national math conference. Below are some conferences of note.

Support for attending conferences

Both the Math Department and the College of Arts and Sciences (CAS) have a limited amount of travel assistance available for undergraduate students. For Math Department funding, please contact the main office (PHSC 423). For information about CAS funding, see here.


In addition to presenting their work, some undergraduate research rises to the level of being worthy of publication. Here are some well-known journals that publish such research.

If you have worked on a research project, and think that it might be worthy of publication, consider talking with your faculty mentor.