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The Mathematics Help Center (aka the Math Center) is dedicated to offering free tutoring support to students enrolled in a wide range of math courses at the University of Oklahoma (namely courses with the MATH prefix, including all first-year mathematics courses). Its primary goal is to provide assistance to students as they work on understanding and mastering the concepts presented in these math courses.

The Math Center is located in PHSC 232. For additional information including information on hours and exam review sessions, please visit:

Private Tutoring

The Math Department maintains a list of private tutors for the convenience of students seeking additional tutoring in mathematics. The Math Faculty has not screened the tutors in the list in any manner, and none of them is endorsed or recommended by the Department. Tutors are mostly graduate students, undergraduate students, and faculty at OU who voluntarily sign up each semester, and they generally charge a fee for their services.

Below is the list of private tutors for the current semester. If you are interested in having your name added to the list as a tutor, please contact the front desk of the Math Department (PHSC 423).

Tutor Courses Available to Tutor
Mohammad Alwahdanee

MATH 3333 and below.
Candace Andrews

MATH 2934 and below,
including all High School Math courses.
Gary Barksdale

MATH 2934 and below,
specializing in Business Calculus (MATH 1743 & 2123).
Clark Barrus

MATH 2934 and below.
Molly Beauchamp

MATH 1914 and below.
Thomas Lane

MATH 3333 and below, and
MATH 4323, MATH 4373, MATH 4433.
Ty Nance

MATH 4853 and below.
Specializing in 4000 level courses.
Rithsek Ngem

MATH 3333 and below
Ray Niazi

MATH 3333 and below.
Christine Tinsley

MATH 2123 and below.
Matt Waldron

MATH 2934 and below.
Trevor Word

MATH 2934 and below.