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The purpose of the Association for Women in Mathematics is to create a community in which women and girls can thrive in their mathematical endeavors, and to promote equitable opportunity and treatment of women and others of marginalized genders and gender identities across the mathematical sciences.

Our AWM Chapter Mission

Our AWM Chapter aims to support women in our mathematics department. We intend to provide a social network among math graduates, undergraduates, and faculty members, a mutual support, and encouragement in achieving their professional goals.

We invite everyone who supports the purpose of AWM to join this chapter. Chapter members get free AWM membership.

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Undergraduate Mentorship program

Join our undergraduate mentorship program. This program is to provide career advice, grad school application advice, and to create a social network between mathematicians in different stages.

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Picture of Tatiana Abdelnaim
Tatiana Abdelnaim
PHSC 1108
Picture of Maya Verma
Maya Verma
PHSC 908
Picture of Oshadi Samarathunge
Oshadi Samarathunge
Secretary and Treasurer
PHSC 928
Picture of Haley Bahn
Haley Bahn
PHSC 1108
Picture of Candace Andrews
Candace Andrews
Faculty Advisor
PHSC 362
Picture of Nicholas Miller
Nicholas Miller
Faculty Advisor
PHSC 801