Karcher Colloquium

The Karcher Colloquium normally meets in PHSC 1105 on Thursdays at 4:00pm. It is normally preceded by tea at 3:30pm in PHSC 424. For more information about the colloquium, contact Justin Malestein.

Spring 2024

January 25
4:00pm (CST)
PHSC 1105
John Bergdall
University of Arkansas
Some distributions arising in algebra and number theory
February 1
4:00pm (CST)
PHSC 1105
Mara Pompili
University of Gratz
Factorizations of elements of upper cluster algebras
February 8
4:00pm (CST)
PHSC 1105
Fabrizio Bianchi
University of Pisa
A Spectral Gap for the Transfer Operator on Complex Projective Spaces
February 15
4:00pm (CST)
PHSC 1105
Jeremy Miller
Purdue University
Uniform twisted homological stability and moments of quadratic L-functions
February 23
4:00pm (CST)
PHSC 1105
Rosa Orellana
Dartmouth College
Encoding graphs with the chromatic symmetric function
February 29
4:00pm (CST)
PHSC 1105
Mike Davis
The Ohio State University
Coxeter groups, Artin groups and buildings
March 14
4:00pm (CDT)
PHSC 1105
Damian Osajda
University of Copenhagen
Locally elliptic actions on nonpositively curved space
April 4
4:00pm (CDT)
PHSC 1105
Ronghua Pan
Georgia Institute of Technology
Rayleigh-Taylor instability and beyond
April 11
4:00pm (CDT)
PHSC 1105
Andrew Knightly
University of Maine
Statistical properties of elliptic curves and modular forms
April 18
4:00pm (CDT)
PHSC 1105
Ilya Krishtal
Northern Illinois University
Prony’s method meets spectral theory
April 23
4:00pm (CDT)
PHSC 1105
Alex Powell
Vanderbilt University
Iteratively consistent quantized phase retrieval
April 25
4:00pm (CDT)
PHSC 1105
Bhargav Karamched
Florida State University
Stochastic switching of delayed feedback suppresses oscillations in genetic regulatory systems
May 2
4:00pm (CDT)
PHSC 1105
Jerzy Weyman
Jagiellonian University
The structure of finite free resolutions

Fall 2023

October 2
4:30pm (CDT)
PHSC 1105
Joachim Hilgert
University Paderborn
Spectral correspondences for graphs
October 13
3:30pm (CDT)
PHSC 108
Ellen Eischen
University of Oregon
Creating Clarity from Confusion: Three Lessons from Number Theory
November 2
4:00pm (CDT)
PHSC 1105
Angela Pasquale
University of Lorraine, France
Symmetry breaking operators and reductive dual pairs with one compact member
November 8
4:00pm (CST)
PHSC 1105
Sarah Koch
University of Michigan
Dynamical data: from algebra to topology
November 16
4:00pm (CST)
PHSC 1105
Jiahong Wu
University of Notre Dame
Stabilizing phenomenon for incompressible fluids
December 7
4:00pm (CST)
PHSC 1105
Junfang Li
University of Alabama at Birmingham
Sharp geometric inequalities and their applications
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