Karcher Colloquium

The Karcher Colloquium normally meets in PHSC 1105 on Thursdays at 4:00pm. It is normally preceded by tea at 3:30pm in PHSC 424. For more information about the colloquium, contact Justin Malestein.

Spring 2020

March 10
4:00 PM
PHSC 1105
Luis Carlos García Lirola
Kent State University
Stability of Lipschitz-type functions under pointwise product and reciprocation
February 27
4:00 PM
PHSC 1105
Angela Pasquale
University of Lorraine, France
Howe correspondence and orbital integrals on a symplectic space.
February 20
3:00 PM
PHSC 1105
Emily Stark
University of Utah
The Geometry of Hyperbolic Groups

Fall 2019

December 6
3:30 PM
PHSC 1105
Louis Theran
University of St. Andrews
Global rigidity of graphs, with and without graphs
November 8
4:00 PM
PHSC 1105
Diana Davis
Swarthmore University
Periodic paths on the pentagon
September 26
4:00 PM
PHSC 1105
Christopher Cashen
University of Vienna
'Paging Dr. Frankenstein’; or, how to build monsters
September 9
4:30 PM
PHSC 1105
David Rowe
University of Mainz
Emmy Noether: Theorems on Conservation Laws
September 5
4:00 PM
PHSC 1105
Jacob Matherne
IAS and University of Oregon
Two problems about hyperplane arrangements
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