Karcher Colloquium

The Karcher Colloquium normally meets in PHSC 1105 on Thursdays at 4:00pm. It is normally preceded by tea at 3:30pm in PHSC 424. For more information about the colloquium, contact Yilun (Allen) Wu.

Fall 2022

September 29
4:00pm (CDT)
PHSC 1105
Christina Frederick
New Jersey Institute of Technology
An invitation to Gabor Analysis and the frame set problem
October 5
4:00pm (CDT)
PHSC 1105
Fabrizio Bianchi
CNRS - University of Lille
Holomorphic motions of Julia sets: dynamical stability from one to several complex variables
October 6
4:00pm (CDT)
PHSC 1105
Andrew Snowden
University of Michigan
Representations of oligomorphic groups
October 27
4:00pm (CDT)
PHSC 1105
Jean-Francois Lafont
Ohio State University
Strict hyperbolizations produce linear groups
November 3
4:00pm (CDT)
PHSC 1105
Angela Pasquale
University of Lorraine, Metz, France
The resonances of the Capelli operators for small split orthosymplectic dual pairs
November 8
5:00pm (CST)
PHSC 1105
Cecilia Mateu
Universidad de la República, Uruguay
Galactic vibrations and waves: Tracing the Milky Way disc’s warp at differnet ages with variable stars
November 9
4:00pm (CST)
PHSC 1105
David Plaxco
Clayton State University
A Case for Explicitly Supporting Playful Dispositions in Upper-Level Mathematics
November 17
4:00pm (CST)
Michael Lesnick
SUNY Albany
Stability of 2-Parameter Persistent Homology

Spring 2022

March 10
4:00pm (CST)
Der-Chen Chang
Georgetown University
∂̅-Neumann Problem
April 7
4:00pm (CDT)
PHSC 1105
Yilun (Allen) Wu
University of Oklahoma
Existence of Rotating Star Solutions with Variable Entropy
April 28
4:00pm (CDT)
PHSC 1105
Andrew Putman
University of Notre Dame
The Steinberg representation
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