An invitation to specifications grading

event Wednesday, April 8, 2020
access_time 12:30 PM
room Zoom

Abstract: Linda Nilson's system of specifications grading (sometimes called "specs grading," and maybe even "mastery-based grading"?) is designed to increase students' sense of responsibility, to make grades better-reflect student performance, and to save instructors' time. I wanted to implement specifications grading for my classes this semester, but had some worries about how that would affect my classroom environment, and so I designed my own grading scheme somewhere in between specs grading and the traditional grading scheme. In this talk, I'll walk through the thought process behind the grading scheme I settled on and what I've learned from using it this semester. See this "Inside Higher Ed" piece that Nilson wrote for some more details on specifications grading: Zoom link: Meeting ID: 651 971 273 Password: rampup

For more information on this event, please contact Casey Haskins.