Lesson Plan to promote mathematical understanding and help deviate from memorization in College Algebra

event Friday, May 7, 2021
access_time 12:30pm (CDT)
room Zoom

Abstract: College Algebra is taken by mostly every student in their first year as a required course regardless of major. Research has shown students have problems applying the ideas when they are needed in upper-level courses. This draws the conclusion that students may not be grasping the mathematical concepts in order to apply them in different settings. I will present a lesson plan using Richard Skemp’s Structured Activities in Intelligent Learning or SAIL framework to promote mathematical understanding of concepts and try to take the focus away from memorizing rules. My lesson plan will utilize the flipped classroom approach to promote discussion and stimulate the students to ask questions. For a flipped classroom approach to be effective I will incorporate technology that allows visualization of a problem and helps introduce different representations of the same concept.

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