Preprints and unpublished manuscripts

  Roots of Dehn twists (with Kashyap Rajeevsarathy), to appear in Geom. Dedicata, download from Mathematics
ArXiv,  and software.

  Tunnel leveling, depth, and bridge numbers (with Sangbum Cho), to appear in Trans. Amer. Math. Soc., download from Mathematics
ArXiv,  and software.

  Writing elements of PSL(2,q) as commutators (with Marcus Wanderley), to appear in Comm. Alg.,  dvi,  pdf,  ps.

  Diffeomorphisms of elliptic 3-manifolds (with Sungbok Hong, John Kalliongis, and J. H. Rubinstein), preliminary version,  pdf,  ps.

  The action of the modular group on characters of SL(2,q)-representations of F2 (with Marcus Wanderley), unpublished manuscript,  dvi,  pdf,  ps,  and software.

  Exceptional subgroups of SL(2,F), unpublished manuscript  dvi,  pdf,  ps.

  The refined relative compression body neighborhood (with Richard D. Canary), unpublished manuscript,  dvi,  pdf,  ps.