John Albert

Department of Mathematics
Physical Sciences Center
601 Elm Street
University of Oklahoma
Norman, Oklahoma 73019
Office: PHSC 1004
Email address:
Phone Numbers:
Office - (405) 325-3782
Math Department Office - (405) 325-6711


Fall 2016

Math 4073, Numerical Analysis (Tulsa campus)

Math 5403, Calculus of Variations

Math 5970, Teaching College Mathematics

Previous Semesters

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OU Math Department Home Page

OU Math Graduate Program

If you're already a math graduate student at OU, here's a useful compilation of rules for the graduate program.

Putnam Seminar

Pafnuty Chebyshev, Steam Engines, and Polynomials

Preface to the first Calculus textbook, by the Marquis de L'hopital

Adventures in Derangement


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