Marcus Robinson and myself mentored a University of Utah undergraduate, Dylan Johnson, in an REU project. We investigated which toric varieties are diagonally $F$-regular. A pdf of our project proposal can be found below.


I presented a poster during the SACNAS event in Salt Lake City in 2017. This poster was meant for motivated high school students to read and get an idea for what it means to do research in mathematics.

This is 15 minute talk I gave to a general audience. I was trying to answer the question: “What do mathematicians do?”


An introduction to the Weyl algebra and modules over it. This talk was given in Utah’s BIKES (Student Commutative Algebra) Seminar


This is a talk on the history of commutative algebra, tracing it back to the study of diophantine equations and Fermat’s last theorem. Along the way, we talk about Kummer’s theory of ideal numbers. This talk was aimed at a general audience of graduate students (in pure and applied math) at Utah’s GSAC colloquium.


I gave a talk on Marden’s theorem in January 2014. Below are the presentation slides as well as a python script for drawing triangles and their steiner inellipses using the proof of the theorem.