Fall 2019: Math 3113 (Intro to ODEs)

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A New Subadditivity Formula of Test Ideals. JPAA, 2019.

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The TestIdeals package for Macaulay2. To appear in JSAG, 2018.


Symbolic and Ordinary Powers of Ideals in Hibi Rings. Preprint, 2018.


The Uniform Symbolic Topology Property for Diagonally F-Regular Varieties. Preprint, 2018.


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Symbolic Powers in Rings of Positive Characteristic
Mar 6, 2019
Symbolic Powers in Rings of Positive Characteristic
Jan 25, 2019
UIC Commutative Algebra Seminar
Oct 22, 2018

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Marcus Robinson and myself mentored a University of Utah undergraduate, Dylan Johnson, in an REU project. We investigated which toric varieties are diagonally $F$-regular. A pdf of our project proposal can be found below.

I presented a poster during the SACNAS event in Salt Lake City in 2017. This poster was meant for motivated high school students to read and get an idea for what it means to do research in mathematics.

This is 15 minute talk I gave to a general audience. I was trying to answer the question: “What do mathematicians do?”

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