In light of the COVID-19 crisis, our normal recruiting for the fall semester has been suspended. If you are still interested in applying as a self-supporting student (i.e. without funding as a GTA), please apply through the Mathjobs link below and contact the Graduate Director once your application is complete.

How to apply

Applicants can apply one of two ways:

To apply via the Graduate College, please see here.

To apply directly to the Math Department and avoid upfront fees, please apply via Mathjobs. Note, the application to the math department is much shorter, just 1 page.

Entrance requirements for our programs may be found here.

Required Application Materials

All applicants will automatically be considered for a Graduate Teaching Assistantship.

Useful suggestions

When you fill out your online application form, choose either the MS program (if you are interested in a terminal Master's degree) or the PhD program.

Do not apply for the MA program, even though the online form allows for this possibility. You can earn an MA degree while being enrolled in the PhD program. If you are interested in a Master's degree only, you should choose the MS program.

Being timely, thorough and complete will increase your application's chances of acceptance.

In particular, make sure your references submit their letters of recommendation by the January 31 deadline.

What comes next?

After January 31, the Mathematics Department's Graduate Committee will review all complete applications. You will be notified of the department's decision via e-mail. As long as you have not received any notification, it means that no decision has been made.

OU is a signer of the Council of Graduate School's April 15 Resolution. This means that, in case we make you an offer, we will not require your response before April 15.

Once you have been admitted and accepted our offer, click here to see what to expect next.

Frequently Asked Questions

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Is there a minimum GPA?

Is there a minimum GRE score?

I only took the general GRE, not the GRE subject test. Is this a disadvantage?

I am unable to submit a complete application by January 31. Will I still be considered?

Do you admit students for the spring semester?

I have an undergraduate degree from a foreign institution and am not sure whether this makes me eligible to apply.

Where can I learn more about the fees?