Graduate Programs

The Mathematics Department offers three graduate programs: Master of Science (MS), Master of Arts (MA), and a doctoral program (PhD).

Students who plan to obtain a doctorate in Mathematics should apply to the PhD program. Once enrolled in the PhD program, students may, but are not required, to earn an MA along the way. Below is a typical PhD schedule.

The MS program is offered for students who want to pursue studies in Mathematics beyond the undergraduate level, but who do not plan to obtain a doctorate in Mathematics.

Typical PhD schedule

Qualifying Examinations. [Approximately two years] General Examination. [Approximately two years] Dissertation. [Approximately two years]

Program Requirements

Table of Contents

In the rules below,

Entrance Requirements

Below we outline the entrance requirements for our various degree programs. Students coming from smaller programs might not meet all the entrance requirements and in this instance the department can consider a provisional acceptance when reviewing your application. If you have questions, please contact the Graduate Director.

Requirements for Graduate Teaching Assistants

Graduation Requirements for the PhD Program

Graduation Requirements for the MA Program

Graduation Requirements for the MS Program

The Qualifying Examination

The General Examination

The General Examination is governed by the rules laid out in the Graduate College Bulletin.

Advisement, Enrollment and Academic Progress

The Departmental Teaching Certificate

Language Certification

By state law, graduate students whose native language is not English need to be language certified before holding any instructional position at OU that requires contact with students. This certification is administered through the English Training and Certification Services (ETCS).

Reporting Requirements

Probationary Status

This section is about probationary status imposed by the Mathematics Department (not the Graduate College or the University).