People in the Math Department

Currently our department consists of 128 active members, of which

The department also recognizes 15 emeritus faculty.


Picture of Kaan Akin Kaan Akin
PHSC 806
Picture of John Albert John Albert
PHSC 1004
Picture of Boris Apanasov Boris Apanasov
PHSC 901
Picture of Noel Brady Noel Brady
PHSC 1103
Picture of Javier Alejandro Chávez-Domínguez Javier Alejandro Chávez⁠-⁠Domínguez
PHSC 1018
Picture of Roi Docampo Roi Docampo
PHSC 1121
Picture of Max Forester Max Forester
Graduate Director
PHSC 1110
Picture of Alexander Grigo Alexander Grigo
PHSC 1015
Picture of Yan Mary He Yan Mary He
PHSC 521
Picture of Michael Jablonski Michael Jablonski
PHSC 1114
Picture of Keri Kornelson Keri Kornelson
PHSC 926
Picture of Miroslav Kramar Miroslav Kramar
PHSC 1117
Picture of András Cristian Lőrincz András Cristian Lőrincz
PHSC 816
Picture of Justin Malestein Justin Malestein
PHSC 1111
Picture of Travis Mandel Travis Mandel
PHSC 918
Picture of Kimball Martin Kimball Martin
PHSC 1112
Picture of Ricardo Mendes Ricardo Mendes
PHSC 1002
Picture of Nicholas Miller Nicholas Miller
PHSC 801
Picture of Deborah Moore-Russo Deborah Moore⁠-⁠Russo
First Year Math Director
Picture of Greg Muller Greg Muller
PHSC 813
Picture of Murad Özaydın Murad Özaydın
PHSC 1113
Picture of Peter Patzt Peter Patzt
PHSC 523
Picture of Nikola Petrov Picture of the other Nikola Petroff Nikola Petrov
PHSC 1101
Picture of Ameya Pitale Ameya Pitale
Associate Chair
PHSC 930
Picture of Tomasz Przebinda Tomasz Przebinda
PHSC 524
Picture of Christian Remling Christian Remling
PHSC 817
Picture of Alan Roche Alan Roche
PHSC 1102
Picture of Milos Savic Milos Savic
PHSC 927
Picture of Sepideh Stewart Sepideh Stewart
PHSC 1001
Picture of Jing Tao Jing Tao
PHSC 1115
Picture of Weinan Wang Weinan Wang
PHSC 904
Picture of Ying Wang Ying Wang
PHSC 1119
Picture of Shihshu Walter Wei Shihshu Walter Wei
PHSC 912
Picture of Yilun (Allen) Wu Yilun (Allen) Wu
PHSC 802
Picture of Pengfei Zhang Pengfei Zhang
PHSC 804
Picture of Meijun Zhu Meijun Zhu
PHSC 1006

Postdocs and Visitors

Picture of Jack Arbunich Jack Arbunich
PHSC 1013
Picture of Victor Bailey Victor Bailey
PHSC 1008
Picture of Anuradha Ekanayake Anuradha Ekanayake
PHSC 1010
Picture of Lauren Grimley Lauren Grimley
PHSC 529
Picture of Samuel Lin Samuel Lin
PHSC 1011
Picture of Gary Moon Gary Moon
PHSC 1007
Picture of Mario Morán Cañón Mario Morán Cañón
PHSC 1024
Picture of Joshua Pankau Joshua Pankau
PHSC 823

Renewable-Term Faculty

Picture of Malva Asaad Malva Asaad
PHSC 525
Picture of Gary Barksdale Gary Barksdale
PHSC 506
Picture of Ashley Berger Ashley Berger
PHSC 811
Picture of Nick Brown Nick Brown
PHSC 821
Picture of Carye Chapman Carye Chapman
PHSC 527
Picture of Roshini Gallage Roshini Gallage
PHSC 1022
Picture of Dustin Gaskins Dustin Gaskins
PHSC 528
Picture of Jonathan Lee Jonathan Lee
First Year Math Associate Director
PHSC 921
Picture of Wayne Stewart Wayne Stewart
PHSC 1014
Picture of Ashley Taylor Ashley Taylor
PHSC 209
Picture of Christine Tinsley Christine Tinsley
Math Center Director
PHSC 827
Picture of Haleigh  Watson-Wilkes Haleigh Watson⁠-⁠Wilkes
PHSC 1017
Picture of Rachel Wright Rachel Wright
PHSC 917


Melissa Adair
PHSC 362
Candace Andrews
PHSC 362
Martin Carlson
PHSC 903
Amanda Kis
PHSC 362
Julia Maddox
PHSC 362
Martha Maeder
PHSC 362
Ty Nance
PHSC 362
Ashly Powell
PHSC 362
Jenice Roberts
PHSC 362
Nirjal Sapkota
PHSC 903
Cory Wilson
PHSC 362

Graduate Students

Picture of Tatiana Abdelnaim Tatiana Abdelnaim
PHSC 1108
Picture of Chary Addanki Chary Addanki
PHSC 509
Picture of Haley Bahn Haley Bahn
PHSC 1108
Picture of James Beyer James Beyer
PHSC 916
Picture of Emelia Boye Emelia Boye
PHSC 908
Picture of Adelaide Boyer Adelaide Boyer
PHSC 419
Picture of Carsen Brown Carsen Brown
PHSC 425
Picture of Martin Carlson Martin Carlson
PHSC 907
Picture of Henry Carnick Henry Carnick
PHSC 502
Picture of Travis Casey Travis Casey
PHSC 1028
Picture of Donald Dechow Donald Dechow
PHSC 510
Picture of Alisa Ediger Alisa Ediger
Picture of Emmanuel Elima Emmanuel Elima
Picture of Pratit Goswami Pratit Goswami
PHSC 911
Picture of Ryan Gueli Ryan Gueli
Picture of Amogh Gupta Amogh Gupta
Picture of Sajal Halder Sajal Halder
PHSC 914
Picture of Julissa Hutchison Ybarra Julissa Hutchison Ybarra
PHSC 928
Picture of Kazi Sabrina Islam Kazi Sabrina Islam
PHSC 419
Picture of Jeremiah Isu Jeremiah Isu
PHSC 1028
Picture of Nathan Jones Nathan Jones
PHSC 504
Picture of Caleb Judkins Caleb Judkins
PHSC 1009
Picture of Lauren Kriegel Lauren Kriegel
PHSC 908
Picture of Jay Lane Jay Lane
PHSC 1009
Picture of Chih-Kuang Lee Chih⁠-⁠Kuang Lee
PHSC 907
Picture of Keng-Hung Steven Lin Keng⁠-⁠Hung Steven Lin
PHSC 503
Picture of Javier Loya Chavira Javier Loya Chavira
Picture of Avery Madden Avery Madden
Picture of Sam Markmiller Sam Markmiller
Picture of Rob Merrell Rob Merrell
PHSC 911
Picture of Anna Mikulo Anna Mikulo
PHSC 419
Picture of Gamaliel  Montero Alcaraz Gamaliel Montero Alcaraz
Picture of Ryan Oltermann Ryan Oltermann
PHSC 909
Picture of Jessica Radford Jessica Radford
PHSC 419
Picture of Siddharth Ramakrishnan Siddharth Ramakrishnan
PHSC 1012
Picture of Subha Raut Subha Raut
PHSC 419
Picture of Samuel Restoy Berganza Samuel Restoy Berganza
PHSC 425
Picture of Arghadeep Roy Arghadeep Roy
PHSC 425
Picture of Oshadi Samarathunge Oshadi Samarathunge
PHSC 928
Picture of Sayantan Santra Sayantan Santra
PHSC 910
Picture of Shravan Saoji Shravan Saoji
PHSC 915
Picture of Subham Singh Subham Singh
PHSC 425
Picture of Tyler Skaggs Tyler Skaggs
PHSC 425
Picture of Lucas Smith Lucas Smith
PHSC 509
Picture of Ergun Suer Ergun Suer
PHSC 502
Picture of Tomoya Tatsuno Tomoya Tatsuno
PHSC 1108
Picture of Vamsi Krishna Thummala Vamsi Krishna Thummala
PHSC 425
Picture of Noah Torgerson Noah Torgerson
PHSC 915
Picture of Bach Tran Bach Tran
PHSC 928
Picture of Ahmed Uzun Ahmed Uzun
Picture of Maria del Rosario Valencia Arevalo Maria del Rosario Valencia Arevalo
Picture of Maya Verma Maya Verma
PHSC 908
Picture of Carlos Villanueva Carlos Villanueva
PHSC 508
Picture of Jeremy West Jeremy West
PHSC 910
Picture of James White James White
PHSC 1108
Picture of Arman Yagci Arman Yagci
PHSC 928
Picture of Yunchuan Zhou Yunchuan Zhou
PHSC 928

Emeritus Faculty

Picture of Marilyn Breen Marilyn Breen
PHSC 828
Picture of Laniel Gibson Laniel Gibson
Picture of Paul Goodey Paul Goodey
Picture of Kevin Grasse Kevin Grasse
Picture of Semion Gutman Semion Gutman
Picture of Walter Kelley Walter Kelley
Picture of Rüdiger Landes Rüdiger Landes
Picture of Kyung-Bai Lee Kyung⁠-⁠Bai Lee
Picture of Lucy Lifschitz Lucy Lifschitz
Picture of Andy Magid Andy Magid
PHSC 1021
Picture of Darryl McCullough Darryl McCullough
Picture of Andy Miller Andy Miller
Picture of Leonard Rubin Leonard Rubin
PHSC 826
Picture of Gerard Walschap Gerard Walschap
Picture of Luther White Luther White


Picture of Mike Donlon Mike Donlon
Office Manager/Assistant to the Chair
PHSC 423
Picture of Michael Hillerby Michael Hillerby
Adminstrative Assistant
Picture of Cristin Sloan Cristin Sloan
Assistant to the Graduate Director
PHSC 423