Calculus II
Math 2924, Section 020/021
Fall Semester 2019

There will be a Problem Review Session on Wednesday, December 11 from 5:00 to 6:30 PM in the Math Center. Bring questions or come and work on problems to help prepare for the final exam.

The final exam will take place in PHSC 1105 on Friday morning December 13, 8:00--10:00 AM. There is a not-for-credit set of 200 problems available on WeBWorK that touch on most of the topics we have discussed this semester and might useful for review. In addition any of the materials posted below (midterm exams, weekly problem sets, exam reviews) could be good starting points for preparing for the test.

Answers to midterm exams are available:

Review materials and problem sets from earlier in the semester can provide a starting point to prepare for the final exam:

There are also LOTS of good review problems for power series in Stewart's book---specifically recommended ones are:

The source files for Mathematica demonstrations from class will be archived here:

Regular Weekly Office Hours:

Attendees for the Tuesday Problem Review sessions should feel free to come late or leave early according to the dictates of their schedules.

Slide rules operate using logarithmic scales (with base 10). Youtube has numerous instructonal videos on their use such as The Slide Rule or MIT Slide Rules.

The Course Syllabus contains information about this course, including the projected exam dates and semester grading schemes.

The on-line WebWork Problem Sets may be accessed at


Initially you will login to the system using your OU 4x4 username as BOTH the WebWorK user name and the password, however you should reset your password as soon as you can. (This can be done by clicking on the "User Settings" menu button.) If you forget your password at any time during the semester, send me an email and I will be able to reset it for you (with a bit of lead time).